Dedicated to the Grandparents and God Parents of Khaleesi and Khassidy. We love you

There aren’t enough words to describe just how important you are to our lives. The true unconditional love you bestow upon the girls is immeasurable. The looks of pure joy and excitement when they see you or hear your voice expands my heart every single time. Hearing them ask to face-time you, Skype you, visit you, or drive to you are daily affirmations of the vital importance you carry in their lives and hearts. Every action you take on their behalf has not gone unappreciated. And today we want to thank you for all of it.

I adore hearing my daughters walking around the house talking with their grandparents and godparents. Discussing their day, showing their toys and outfits, and tattle telling on everyone else in the house brings me such joy and amusement. When you become a parent, nothing supersedes the happiness of your children. Nothing. Witnessing the patience of your parents listen to a 15 minute imaginary story with attentive gazes and occasional “you don’t say? What else happened?” not only builds their self-esteem, but creates communication that will serve them greatly as they journey through life. Children don’t tell every detail to their parents, they won’t always come to you for advice or guidance. Knowing they have each and every one of you in place when they feel they cannot come to mommy and daddy is unbounded.  Your presence in their everyday life influence their values, behaviors, and ethics. It is an honor we do not take lightly.

Thank you for stepping in and giving us a “break” when we come into town. Thank you for taking our girls out to the park, splash pads, pizza restaurants, and anywhere they convince you to go. Thank you for driving hours, flying across states, sometimes countries, and giving up a lazy weekend to come see us. It means the world to us all.  Thank you for calling, face-time, Skyping, etc just to talk to my girls. They look forward to hearing your voice and seeing your faces every single day. Thank you for being a sounding board when mommy and daddy have tough days. Thank you for sharing your experiences and life lessons. Thank you for gently teaching us how to parent better and with love. We don’t know where we would be without you all.

The girls miss you terribly and ask to visit you on a daily basis. Thank you for sacrificing and sticking to social distancing during this pandemic. The least we could do is send you “long distance huggies” They are true to scale as we measured the girls hands and arm span to give you the most accurate snuggly wuggly hug until we see each other again face to face. We love you and we thank you for everything that you are!!

For Instructions on how to make these adorable “Huggie” scroll to the bottom of the page.

To Create these adorable “Huggies” you will need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Greeting Cards and Stamps
  1. Trace your childs hands with a pen on the construction paper.
  2. Cut out the hand shapes and label them with your childs name. (stack the paper if making multiple sets)
  3. Unravel your ribbon and measure the length from palm to palm with their hands outstretched.
  4. Cut the ribbon. (repeat if making multiple sets)
  5. Tape your ribbon to the tip of each cut out hand
  6. Write a sweet note for the recipient and mail off with love!

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